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County Job Number Project Number Bids
Cleburne 4 ACBRZ60386-ATRP(013)  
The Bridge Builders of Alabama, LLC $2,599,504.00
Newell & Bush, Inc. $2,660,307.00
Wright Brothers Construction Co., Inc. $2,968,633.00
Scott Bridge Company, Inc. $2,993,038.00
McInnis Construction, LLC $3,446,817.00
Talladega 7 ACNU59434-ATRP(007)  
McCartney Construction Co., Inc. $3,600,710.00
Midsouth Paving, Inc. $3,983,585.00
Ikaros, LLC $4,150,000.00
Chilton Contractors, Inc. $4,341,021.00
DeKalb 10 BR-0007(529)  
The Bridge Builders of Alabama, LLC $2,699,293.00
Dement Construction Company, LLC $2,794,154.00
Wright Brothers Construction Co., Inc. $2,898,655.00
Summers-Taylor, Inc. $2,983,142.00
Wiregrass Construction Company, Inc. $3,094,273.00
Talley & Company, Inc. $3,327,068.00
Marengo 11 BR-0069(544)  
John Plott Company, Inc. $2,828,003.00
Mitchell's Contracting Service, LLC $3,463,653.00
Cullman 20 HSIP-MR19(900)  
Ozark Striping Company, Inc. $130,818.00
J. Ranck Electric, Inc. $147,379.00
Alabama Guardrail, Inc. $167,537.00
Baldwin 22 BP-STPAA-0180(501)  
John G. Walton Construction Company, Inc. $7,382,777.00
Cunningham DeLaney Construction, LLC $7,585,874.00
H. O. Weaver & Sons, Inc. $7,794,543.00
McElhenney Construction Co., LLC $8,021,739.00
Jefferson 25 STPBH-7002(600)  
John Plott Company, Inc. $23,264,375.00
Carcel & G. Construction, LLC $23,978,045.00
Ikaros, LLC $24,680,000.00
Chilton Contractors, Inc. $25,122,323.00
Chilton 28 STPNU-1118(250)  
Wiregrass Construction Company, Inc. $497,761.00
Dunn Construction Company, Inc. $653,077.00
Fayette 30 DPTA-2919(251)  
S.T. Bunn Construction Company, Inc. $715,292.00
Lawrence 31 STPNU-4017(250)  
Whitaker Contracting Corporation $377,247.00
Etowah 35 STPOA-2814(252)  
McCartney Construction Co., Inc. $2,450,638.00
Good Hope Contracting Co., Inc. $2,793,765.00
Tuscaloosa 39 ST-063-007-008  
Withdrawn from letting $0.00
Clarke 42 99-408-134-013-807  
Pine City Contracting, LLC $1,350,019.00
W.S. Newell & Sons, Inc. $1,391,188.00
Ikaros, LLC $1,520,000.00
Mitchell's Contracting Service, LLC $1,578,039.00
E.O. Byars Construction, Inc. $1,602,998.00
Wilcox 43 99-408-663-089-907  
CTS Construction Company, Inc. $768,967.00
Winston Contracting, LLC $875,110.00