Live Letting Schedule

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All of our licensed agents and support staff have the resources to serve as an asset to your company and to guide you to make informed insurance decisions in your best interest. What sets us apart from other agents is the emphasis we place on your

business 365 days per year. We are a service business and the success of our relationship is the attitude of trying to “earn your business ... each and every day”.

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County Job Number Project Number Bids
Jefferson 1 ACIMF-I059(385), ACIMF-I059(394)  
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC $0.00
Traylor Bros., Inc. $0.00
Granite Construction Company, Inc. $0.00
Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc. $0.00
Johnson Bros. Corporation, A Southland Company $0.00
Baldwin 11 ACBRZ61160-ATRP(005)  
Gulf Equipment Corporation $0.00
Newell & Bush, Inc. $0.00
McInnis Construction, LLC $0.00